I am feeling rather chirpy today as not only am I picking up our new family car to night I have just logged into bubblews to discover I have passed the nine hundred dollar mark in total earning over night :-) I am now up to a total of $901.05 which I think is pretty decent considering I have been here less and seven months and I only average 3-4 bubbles per day.

It really is truly amazing how powerful the earning potential is here on bubblews and it just seem to go from strength to strength. Bubblews has had such a huge impact on my life over the seven months I have been amazing, I am not starting to feel so much more confident about myself and I also feel that I am finally in a position to properly provide for my young family. It is quite amazing what a small amount of additional earnings and a feeling of belonging can do for you :-)

Thank you to all my friends here on bubblews you have been a massive support to me not only here on bubblews, but in my whole life.

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