It does not take a person to look up these seven wonders of the world. They are mine and I share them with you too.

The wonder of to hear. For those without the ability to hear, will tell you they want you to share what that sounds like by allowing them to touch which can sometimes be a wonderful thing for them.

The wonder of touch. When someone needs a hug, a handshake or a pat on the back, touch can mean so much.

The wonder of smell. The fresh air, the blooming flowers and the scent of perfume are a few benefits of the ability to smell.

The wonder of love. This has its own magnificence and sometimes so different for many people.

The wonder of feel. When feel is thought about some ideas that might come to your mind are: feeling of being safe, being comforted and so many others too.

The wonder of sight. For the people who have difficulty seeing, they sure can use your eyes to help them imagine what you see when you explain things to them.

The wonder of laughing. If you haven't laughed lately, find something that will help you to laugh. This is so good for your health.

The wonder of taste. Knowing the wonder of taste is grand. That special dinner menu item, that dessert, that delicious cup of cocoa are only some of the tasteful things to be thankful for.

Photo courtesy Roberta Baxter