Just the other day i was on the internet, when i saw a link on google that said fema camps new world order, stickers reside. Now,haha i was pretty curious to see what this article was about, so i clicked the link. Amongst reading the article, it stated that, the president just made a new law, stating sometime in october 2013, fbi agents will be going around to every mailbox in the untited states, place stickers on them., I they place a red sticker on your mailbox, The government kills you. If you get an orange sticker, they send you to a fema camp, which is basically a concentration camp. Blue sticker means youre in the clear and that they think you will be a good slave candidate in the new world order. Now i dont know if this is a load of shit, or if its 100 percent legit. but if this starts happening, make sure you have guns , and a butt load of ammunition. Pack your bags and move to the mountains, because this shit is about to get real. I really dont know whats goin ta happen. Well, that about wraps up this article. If want to know more about this topic, just comment on my blog. Keep you posted .... Late.