DO you use a woodvstove for heating in the winter? Al lot of people do, and they have them going longer in notoriously colder states like Minnesota or Wisconsin.

But the United States governmet has suddenly decided current ones are a danger to the people who live within the area the smoke wafts.

Beginning in 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States said that wood stoves, wood pellet stoves and wood boilers that many people use as heat and for some it may be the only source of heat in their bomes.. The Environmental Protection Agency are going to start lowering pollution in smoke in 2015.

If you already have a wood burner or fireplace installed in 2014 don't worry about this new law. But if you want to buy a new wood burner, you will have to buy one that produces eighty percent less pollution than the ones already in homes.

The pollution they are going after is considered carbon monoxide. (You should have a carbon monoxide protector alarm around your source of heat, the floors you sleep on in somebody's bedroom. We have a loud one in the basement in the furnace and my room) ,organic compounds, and particulate matter.

These rules have nothing to do with back yard fire pits, barbecues that use wood and at campgrounds.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review Saturday, January, 18, 2014 section D page 2.