This was on Good Morning America this Morning! The new mysterious stomach bug that's been spreading. It is affecting people in eight states right now. So far 250 or more, are sick, and causing at least 10 people to go the hospital. According to the Center for Disease Control ( CDC) Cypress 4 is the name of the bug. It seems to be found in the tropics. It's been seen in the past from raspberries and basil. It's now in eight states. And more! The most cases are so far seen in Iowa, Texas and Nebraska. But also, now in Illinois, Michigan , Georgia, and Maryland There's probably a lot more of this disease out there.This is different than a normal virus because In addition to runny diarrhea, you can have cramping, bloating, fatigue and weight loss. The symptoms can come and go. If not treated, it can last a month or more! It's not a normal bug. People go to the doctor right away if they have the symptoms! Especially If you've had them more than a few days, You really need to go to your doctor. You have to tell them you heard about this outbreak because there's special tests that have to be done. There's an antibiotic to take care of the symptoms.

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