A little while ago my dad told me that a new mammal was discovered. I'm not sure where he heard it but he said that it's the first new species of mammal to be discovered in about 35 years or so. This new mammal is called the olinguito and it's home is in Ecuador and Colombia. It really is a cute little creature. It seems to have pretty short legs and a cute face with a nose similar to a possum.

I googled this because I wanted to see what the animal looked like and I found a little article explaining the new discovery. The article even says that the National Zoo had one of the new species because they thought it was another related species. Apparently they were trying to get it to breed while in captivity and they were confused as to why the animal was so 'picky' and wasn't breeding. Well it turns out they were trying to breed her with another species, no wonder! I think it's funny how the zoo had one of these animals and it's only now that the new species has officially been 'discovered'. Here's a link to the article with pictures: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/08/15/new-mammal-species-discovered-with-teddy-bear-looks/ I feel like there are many more species out there that haven't even been discovered. Just think, we already have so many species of animals now and just imagine how many species humans haven't even seen yet! I hope I'm around when more new species are discovered.

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