I was very excited to see that a Demetrios restaurant was moving into the neighborhood. They were taking over a building previously owned by a Friendly's restaurant. Friendlys had a nice staff, once I took my father there for his birthday and I had arranged for them to sing Happy Birthday three different times during his party. The last time a baseball team that was sitting there joined in. Ahhh, good times, great ice cream.

Anyhow, I watched with anticipation as the renovations to the building began and things were coming together rather quickly.

Then one evening the parking lot was filled with cars, all debris was gone, the lights were on, and people were inside. I was excited as ,y daughter and I pulled into the parking lot, We got as far as the front door which had a sign posted that said Private Party.........

In order for us to go to a Demetrios at that time I had to drive to Bradenton, which while not exactly far, it was far enough.

Finally they were open about a week later to the public.

My daughter and I went in. Here are the pros and cons as we saw them.

PROS Friendly wait staff.....no I don't mean they kept Friendly's wait staff, I mean they were friendly. Excellent Food...yes excellent....no other way to say it. Cooked perfectly , which means I didn't have one negative thing to say about it. Very clean and functional place. Nice Italian ambiance, but not overdone.

CONS I was served my pasta in an overlarge stainless steel bowl , which made me feel like I was eating out of my dogs dish. It was twice the size it needed to be, so of course I was self conscious that everyone thought I was eating a ton of food.

And now, my one complaint that I have always had with this franchise. Poor planning and arrangement of the tables.
I don't know if it is the design of the franchise or what, but the layout is terrible , you can't squeeze between tables when its full. Last, but not least, you cannot have a conversation about anything there, because you are elbow to elbow with other patrons, and you will hear their words, and they will hear yours.

Definitely not a first date place.