Anybody else getting any of these crazy CAPTCHAs? I don't consider myself particular when it comes to captchas, in fact I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to these things. But this has simply got to be ridiculous. Can you tell me what that captcha is above?

Hmm is that a "c" that this is starting off with. Maybe it is. Let's take a wack at it "c" "A" "g" "E" "R" "a" "k", am I the only one that thinks that is what it looks like? ... well it wasn't because I just got brought back to my entry with my wonderful "Incorrect CAPTHCA answer, please try again." error message. I'm not going to take a picture of this next captcha because I doubt I'm going to get it right and if I don't then I will likely be at this all night taking pictures, uploading them, typing out what I think my guess is, and over and over it goes.

This is the second article that I've posted ever since I've started seeing these captchas, and it literally took me hitting that captcha refresh button eight to ten times before I could get one that I was willing to even try. And even then I got it wrong. I proceeded to get two more tries after the first one was wrong, and then I got it wrong again.

Finally there appeared to be one that hard 'sharp' corners on it and I felt I could distinguish what the actual letters were. I finally got it right. But what I want to know, is did I do something wrong to deserve these new captchas, or is everybody getting these things.

I mean, I finally decided to go forward with using my Tweeter account to promote my articles, and I had a backlog of several articles to go through. In the midst of doing those backlogged tweets I started getting captcha challenges just to view my post. And then after I did all of those I noticed my BANK had climbed rather quickly to be within a dollar-fifty of that twenty-five dollar goal that I've been shooting for.

So did that do it? Is that the thing that I did which found me deserving of this lovely (but unreadable) little captchas? I can't get this man. If this post gets submtted within the next hour or so I will really be impressed with myself LOL.

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[[ image attribution: GOTTMILK ]]