This last weekend we went out of town to watch my brother race one last time for the year. As we pulled in and got to the room at 2:00 a.m. we all decided that we needed something to drink. We walk around and try to find the pop machine after what felt like forever at that time of night we finally find it by the front desk. Well no one really had any dollar bills so we had to use a five dollar bill. After I had put the five in there it gave me my drink and out of no where all these quarters came shooting out at me. All I could do is start yelling WINNER WINNER WINNER! I felt like I had been playing a slot machine and I was a big WINNER. Of course it was just the right amount of change nothing more but hey why not feel like one when they shoot out at you! Plus I am sure the lady at the front desk got a kick out of me yelling that so all is good made someone life and made me feel like I was a WINNER WINNER WINNER! YAY!