There are times when Neopets gets extremely generous with freebies; the newest offering is a Sparky Petpet that you can claim for free from Coltzan's Shrine. I have no idea how long this will be available so don't drag your feet in getting one.

Here is the link:

When you visit the page you will get a Random Event saying "Coltzan's beloved pet, Sparky, has ascended. In honour of Sparky, Coltzan has presented you with a winged likeness of his beloved Petpet." The Random Event will appear at the top of the screen and the Petpet will be automatically added to your inventory.

If you want multiples of them, they are selling for about 8K on the Shop Wizard but I have a feeling the price is going to drop over the next couple of days when the market gets flooded with them.

Photo: Neopets