I love watching both Ncis and CSI Miami. I do not know which I love more because both are so awesome. Gibbs is the man and H (Horatio) is also the man. Both are very smart and good at what they do. Their team look up to them. I prefer to watch NCIS with Ziva instead of Kate. Ziva is not only beautiful and smart but she kicks ass lol. She's like a lethal weapon not to be messed with. Tony is also smart and handsome. He deserves all the smacks in his head from Gibbs lol. Mcgee makes me laugh. Abbie's outfits are quite interesting. I wonder why she loves kaf pow. Duckie and his many stories. I can never get fed up of this show. I wish Ziva and Tony would have gotten together. They make such a good couple. Gotta love them.

CSI Miami has mystery, drama and thriller tied into one. The last episode I saw was when H got shot at the airport. I don't know how and why it happened. He has a lot of people who hate him. I don't know if he died or not but I can't find out now because the show was canceled. He seemed so invincible so I was shocked when it happened.

Does anyone know what happened after he was shot?

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