The proposed list of #delegates for the upcoming #National-conference-of-Nigeria is as follows: Slots allocated to each Geo-political zone- 15. Slots allocated to each of the five political partiies with the National Assembly- 2 each. Federation Governmebt of #Nigeria- 20 of which 6 must be women. Nigeria Labour Congress- 12, Trade Union Congress- 12, Civil Society Organization- 24, Police- 6 (1 per Geo-political zone) State Security and NIA -6(1 per Geo-political zone) National Council for Women Society(NCWS) - 12 (2 per geopolitical zone). Market Women Association -6( 1 per Geo-political zone. FIDA, NAWOJ, WINBIZ - 6( 1 per Geo-political zone), Elder Statemen - 37(1 per state and FCT) NECA-2, NACCIMA - 2, NESG - 2, Nigerian Guild of Editors -2, Newspaper Proprietor Association of Nigeria - 2, People living with Disabilities -6(W per Geopolitical zone), Christian Leaders - 6, Muslim Leaders- 6 making it a total of 492 #delegates.

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