Here I'll be discussing Naruto Manga Chapter 629 Predictions! If you want to see my review on the previous chapter, be sure to check it out in the link below:

So from Chapter 628, it was essentially all-action and a slew of Talk No Jutsu from Naruto and the annoying, condescending, and degrading lectures from Obito, along with Madara's countenance shifting from cool and relaxed to a hyped-up megalomaniac. After reading that chapter, I was very disappointed that the Hokages didn't have an arrival set up, especially when there was so much hype built on that chapter, talk about anticlimactic!

Anyway, here are a few predictions at first glance before I go into detail:

The next chapter will most likely have:

  1. Kakashi vs. Obito in another dimension Kakashi and Obito will start fighting and talking, and HOPEFULLY, we'll be informed of the truth about Rin. I mean, it was pretty much something significant since chapter 600, but now with the Juubi and the previous Hokages coming in, it doesn't have much substance.

However, at the same time, it's still very important that Kishimoto somehow expresses the event where Kakashi killed Rin. We all know it wasn't intentional, and it HAD to be for something else, because Kakashi would never betray his comrades like that. Especially when he's always so focused on the fact that he'll never let his comrades die.

Hopefully, Kakashi will manage to fair well with Obito as long as he has Naruto's chakra around him, because it seems that he would be at a major disadvantage if it were to run out. Of course, that would only happen if Naruto isn't able to sustain the simultaneous distribution of chakra for the Shinobi Alliance.

If Kakashi explains what happened to Rin to Obito, maybe it might alleviate some apathy he has for him, since we know Obito could care less about the world as long as he can live in another world where there's always winners.

  1. Madara continues with his onslaught with the Juubi against the Shinobi Alliance

We can obviously tell that Madara's demeanor has changed since he started to sense Hashirama's energy. We know that out of all Shinobi, Hashirama is the only one that could pose a challenge for Madara. Everyone else, even Naruto, is considered a pre-warmup meal to him. So while he continues to sense more of Hashirama's energy, he's going to become blood-thirsty and more destructive with his Fire element and Wood element jutsus.

Madara might start showcasing some things he's been passive about since the start of the war, maybe Time Manipulation? I'm only stating that because of the Naruto Ninja Storm video of Hashirama vs. Madara battle at The Valley of the End. We know that with just the Eternal Mankgeyou Sharingan, Madara can easily reverse time for a few good seconds. Now whether or not his Rinnegan might augment the duration, maybe even PAUSING time completely for a a minute or so, who knows? I just feel Madara has yet to show his trump card, and will only express it to someone of considerable strength, Hashirama.

  1. The Juubi will reached a significant phase that will pose a huge threat to the Shinobi Alliance

Now, from the previous chapter (628), The Sand Ninjas that were utilizing their Sand Jutsu to occupy and contain the Juubi are now having a difficult time doing so, and part of that reason is because of Naruto's chakra interefering with their techniques. Since Naruto is showing signs of exhaustion (even though he gets empowered and boosted up through sheer will alone), there might be rough times ahead for everyone.

I have a feeling that the Juubi might showcase its full potential in some way, because it fits perfectly into the tendency for writers to have someone make a power-up, and then there's a way for the opponent to reach equal or better strength, but it's simply a matter of Minato coming on time.

  1. One or Two of the previous Hokages will come to the battle-field

Honestly, with Tobirama's proficiency in being able to teleport multiple people, the Hokages and Sasuke's arrival should not really be delayed, unless they're trying to do careful planning themselves. Because all it takes is just a flash, JUST a flash, and they can be on the battle-field.

I'm predicting that at least one or two of the Hokages will come to the battle-field, simply because of the direction this Manga chapter is headed. Think about it, Kakashi leaves Naruto to take care of the situation with Madara and Obito, The inevitable arrival of the Hokages, Madara's augmenting thrill of sensing Hashirama's energy, if there's no action in the Hokages coming, it's just going to be another action-packed manga, or at least a fight between Kakashi and Obito.

If this happens, I have a feeling there's going to be a flashback pertaining to Rin's incident, and it might extend for a few chapters, but then again, there is a war, and it might throw things off-balance. However, it's not going to be too shocking to see a flashback occurring in future chapters.

The pacing of the current chapter (Naruto Manga Chapter 628) was a bit boring in my opinion, since I was honestly skimming through the panels already knowing what's going to happen; nothing too surprising. Honestly Chapter 628 served as a way for things to branch off into the 4 possible routes I've mentioned above. It would seem pointless to have another action-filled chapter that gets us nowhere but obvious destruction from the Juubi.

I know #Naruto-fans WANT the Hokages to just show up already and start spamming their powers to no end. That's it for my predictions, and I hope you enjoyed reading them, what do you think might occur for the next chapter?

Offer your thoughts in the comments below! I'll see you all next time for a Naruto Manga Chapter 629 Review and a Naruto Manga Chapter 630 Predictions as well next week!

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