Here I will be discussing some predictions for Naruto Manga Chapter 624 based on what has occurred already. If you want to see my review on Naruto Manga Chapter 623, be sure to check out the link below:

I talked about my opinion of the chapter, which was pretty solid for a flashback, especially at the end when Madara and Hashirama cleverly utilized the skipping stones they used for greetings to send warning messages to each other.

From the previous chapter, let's take a bit of an analysis of Hashirama and Madara's behaviors. Firstly, Hashirama is one that is more cynical but also empathetic in a way. He may be condescending at times, but you have to admit, he has the power to back it up. He's naturally good at chakra control, has Senju DNA, which clearly is the solution for anyone that wants powerups, and he had the mindset of a visionary.

Madara, who has to hide his Sharingan for being fearful of revealing his surname and the obvious symbol of the Uchiha clan, is more tempered and stubborn than Hashirama, but to some extent, he wants to have the Shinobi World where there's long and permanent peace. These are two children who have seen the brutal nature of war, and for them to meet at a remote area and be humble towards each other, to make a bond with each other and to improve together is definitely heartwarming.

They only reveal their first name, and from there, their bonds have augmented each meeting, and they work towards getting stronger, because they both agree that in their word and time, no one wants a weakling that attempts to make the world peaceful.

You can also see that Hashirama and Madara both are very comfortable with each other, especially when explaining about their misfortunes such as the death of their loves ones, and just how they're feeling. I sense more humble behavior from Madara, especially when he told himself that he's Mediocre at best, but we all know it's because he hasn't used the Sharingan in front of Hashirama that it makes it seem like he's not as strong or stronger than him.

Madara is the epitome of what it is to be an Uchiha because he truly cares for his family and clan members, and wanting to become stronger to protect them, and to protect his remaining brother, Izuna, just shows how much he treasures them. Hashirama is more empathetic and elevates Madara's motivation that both of them with work hard to make the world a better place.

The chapter transitions to them saving their skipping stones for later, since it is a form of a greeting, and this here made a huge foreshadowing that wasn't obvious at first glance. From this point, we only got the perspective of Hashirama's meeting with Tobirama and eventually his apathetic father.

When Hashirama was informed that Madara is an Uchiha, I doubt he wasn't too surprised on that simply because he's already used to Madara and has an emotional attachment to him as a close friend, despite them naturally having to be enemies based on Clan convictions and such. But it's clear Hashirama plays it off and acts scared, at least until his father tells him he'll have to kill Madara if he gets too suspicious.

The expression on his face just shows how much he would hate having to resort to that, especially someone he would grow strong from as well. Fortunately, their skipping stones would serve to be of use in their next encounter. And since they both ran at the end of the chapter, I can predict a few things:

Hashirama and Madara will eventually meet, knowing for sure who they because of the intel given to them before

They might encounter more of their clan members trying to attack the other and prevent them from escaping

Tobirama might portray some of his jutsus and expertise hopefully in Water Style at an early age

Hashirama's father might be proficient in terms of regular fighting, but maybe not as amazing as Tobirama might be.

Someone is going to die, but it's not going to be Izuna obviously, because he is way too young in this period, especially since he died at a much older age.

Hashirama and Madara might make some elaborate plan to kill off their father's, since it's obvious that fathers in this period use children like cannon fodder.

Hashirama and Madara might have to pretend they're fighting for the sake of not betraying their clan members, and maybe something might go wrong (which again leads me to presume someone will die except Izuna, Tobirama, Hashirama, and Madara of course)

These predictions are set because it's obvious that Hashirama won't take Madara seriously because he's an Uchiha, because again, he's already solidified a strong bond with him. In fact, their polarities in clan convictions might motivate them to keep striving for their dreams of creating a world of everlasting peace and happiness.

I don't think there will be a negative impact towards Madara, because as long as Izuna isn't going to die (he'll obviously still remain alive in this timespan revealed from Naruto Chapter 623), Madara could care less if his father dies in battle against Senju ninja.

And with that, I hope you enjoyed my brief analysis of predictions based on prior chapters, and if you have any thoughts on what may happen next, feel free to comment below!

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