Few days ago i came across a #website called PaySpirit which promises a large amount of money for nothing in return.

Specifically when you register at the site, they give you your #referral id which you can use to bring new members. The crazy thing is that they offer $20 sign up bonus $10 per referral $5 per referral link hit

When i saw that i was almost sure it is a #scam ! I searched the web for info on this website i i was wright. Many people reported being scammed.

Yesterday i visited the site again i i saw that it was missing! Instead a new site has opened in the same position called MyTaskPay. It has almost the same design and promises the same thing.

I think the only think the scammers want is to collect thousands emails of real people to use in the future sending advertisements or worse.

So beware not to fall to traps like this as happened to me!

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