As you can see from the top picture in my post my home is situated on top of a hill that overlooks a tree line at the rear of my backyard. During the summer tree leaves and the brush between the trees form a green wall so tall and thick that you cannot see a farmer’s field behind it. It is nice to see the farmer’s field and rolling hills in the distance during the winter.

Another visible feature of the winter along the tree line are the squirrels. I have seen as many as seven squirrels at one time running around and chasing each other on the ground and on the trees. I saw four squirrels running along the tree line today, two of which I caught a picture of just to the right of a bird feeder. See the bottom right photo for a close up shot of the two squirrels.

I had been concerned after we got 10” of snow this past Monday, and then an ice storm two days later, that the squirrels wouldn’t be able to access the acorns and other foods they stored underground. However, as you can see in the close up shot the squirrels were resourceful by digging a tunnel down through the snow to the ground beneath it. I hope the front squirrel going into the tunnel is able to get some food at the bottom of the tunnel.

I am amazed how squirrels, birds and other wildlife find ways to survive the snow, ice, winds and other winter weather. I hope the trees as well as brush and compost piles along my tree line helps them.

What most amazes you about nature or wildlife?

(photos by gardenerj)