My shih tzu is already two years old and its the 4th day of her menstruation. I wanted to mate her before I have her spayed, but then when I was browsing for the prices of stud services its more or less $84. It's her first time to be mated so we need a shooter and that's additional payment. There are other stud services that I saw but then there dogs are not registered to #PCCI (Philippine Canine Club, Inc.)and it the stud service cost about $50-60 dollars including shooter's fee. There's one that cost $25 but its not a pure breed shih tzu, it's a half breed Maltese-shih tzu. I want to breed my shih tzu to a pure breed one.

Now I'm planning to have it artificially inseminated instead because the cost of services are the same, but then I still can't decide because I wanted her to be naturally mated.

What do you think is the best option, is it natural mating or artificial insemination? What are the pros and cons?

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