My Review - OREO Cakesters - Controversy -- Dunk or Don't Dunk Debate

I was one of the lucky people to receive a free box of Oreo Cakester's to test "OREO Cakesters Controversy “ Dunk or Dont Dunk in Milk? "

All I had to do was tell whether or not I think Oreo Cakesters can be dunked in milk like an Oreo cookie. My Answer that garnered me the cakesters: " No I do not think these are dunk-able like a cookie. ... I am up for a challenge so please choose me and I will at least give it a try"

This is how I usually eat my Oreos: I pry the two pieces apart, I lick the white cream part, then I stick the two pieces back together. I could not do that with these caksters. What I rather like about Oreo cookies is the taste and these caksters do not in any way taste like Oreos.

They are actually really very moist; but they tastes just like store-bought chocolate cake. Although the white cream part does taste like the white creamy part of an Oreo cookie.These cakesters had the appearance of ginormous Oreo s, ( at least that what my granddaughter said). They each had two round devil's food type of cakes surrounded by a creamy vanilla filling. The creme layer was also much thinner in reality than it showed in the picture. The diameter of each Cakester was about 50% larger than an Oreo cookie, and the thickness was more than double an Oreo. The box contained six packs, each with two Cakesters, and the Nutrition Facts considered two Cakesters to be one.

Heres the nutritional info The taste was pretty good though, with a good mix of cream, they were soft and tasty, and not overly sweet. Overall, they were pretty good and they went well with a glass of milk.

The photo was provided to me by the co when I post my results