My PayPal Account Suspended - Don’t Let This Happen to You

One of the last things I do before retiring for the evening is check my Facebook and my email from my phone. I am probably entirely too connected on Facebook but I do have a growing team of Paparazzi Divas and sometimes they NEED me. Plus, I’m addicted to the FaceCrack, I said. Checking my email accounts amounts to the same thing - making sure I am as caught up as possible before turning out the lights.

As I scrolled through my emails, I noticed this one - Your PayPal Account Has Been Suspended.


I opened the email and this is what it said:

Rather than click on the link contained within, I got up and went to the computer to investigate further. I had an inkling that my account hadn’t been suspended but I needed to make sure. Most all my J.O.B.S. depend upon me having a working PayPal account.

The first thing I did was go to my account. I was able to log in easily and nothing looked wonky - I just LOVE that word. I then pulled up the contact information for PayPal and gave those fabulous people a jingle.

A very nice customer service representative listened to my story and we very quickly determined that my Pay Pal account was still in good standing.


Yes. Someone out there in Cyber Land tried to scam me.

They did not succeed for one very good reason.

For as long as I’ve had my PayPal account, I’ve been told by them: Do NOT click any links contained within an email that appears to be from us. We don’t send links in our emails.

PayPal has always encouraged careful consideration in any email exchange and I have always adhered to this.

The wonderful PayPal CSR also told me this:

We will always address you by your full name in any email correspondence. Note that this scam email addressed me as “customer”.

We will never include any links for you to click. Note that this scam email had a link - there was NO WAY I was clicking that link.

We will always be in touch through this email with our customers: [email protected]; no special characters in the address, EVER! As noted, this scam email came from...well, NOT PayPal. I am not including the scam email address here. Personal choice.

Also, she asked that I forward this scam email to their AWEsome PayPal detectives: [email protected] and to then delete said scam email. And so I did. Go get ‘em, spoofin’ snoopers.

I was surprised and not so surprised by this scam email in my box. There are nefarious folks all OVER the internet and given half a chance I probably am a great target, ON THE SURFACE. If you really want to suffer my identity, have at it; I’ll take on someone else’s and we’ll both be better off, right? Well, no, but...

Don’t let this PayPal email scam happen to you. Use the above as a lesson. If ever you aren’t sure, CALL PayPal directly!! Had I not been so rigorously trained by the fine folks at PayPal, I might have fallen prey. I thanked the CSR for this always good advice in all internet dealings; and she thanked me for being an AWEsome customer too.

I do love PayPal. Yes I do.



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Photo Credit: Sandra Lynn - Scam Email, Internet JerkFaces!

*wonky - I believe that I first heard this WONDERFUL word from my dear internet friend, &LynLomasi . I can't be sure sure, but I think it was her. And because I LOVE this word and do simply adore Lyn, she gets the credit for WONKY :)

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