Well, it seems that my venture in pinning some of my old bubbles after reading a tip from a very successful bubbler here was worthwhile!

Out of the ~115 articles I have posted here, I pinned 40 of them. Some I chose not to pin because they were simple posts, such as daily goals or discussing the illness I have been dealing with. Most did not get pinned simply because they did not have pictures associated with them. I do try to include pictures with as many of my bubbles as I can, but I did not tend to do that in the beginning.

All informative posts I make in the future will also get pinned - it brought in some great traffic! It took a bit of time to figure it out, but it was worth it.

This successful bubbler also suggested using Twitter to promote bubbles, and I'm sure many people are already doing so with great results. I'm not quite ready to take this step, as I feel it may be a bit more difficult than taking the step towards pinning things on Pinterest. Someday, though, I may also tackle this project!

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