Does money bring happiness, I think I can say yes for me lol. I would say at certain times and depending on the situation, yes it does! But who am I kidding regardless of the amount or situation, admit it, it always brings just a little bit of joy into our hearts. Especially knowing that now I won't be having much income coming in anymore, any extra helps! Today I waited anxiously for my echeck to come through, and today around 3ish I'd say it finally deposited! I was very exited a week ago about finally redeeming, and it was worth the wait, and it's almost as if it isn't 'official' until it deposits! Hah so, because it finally came today I used it for a bit of needs I had to buy on ebay (as you heard me complaining about earlier) and paid part of a bill I was behind on. I am very happy and I'm looking forward to more in the future, it's great to say you can find something where you make money, and have fun all at the same time haha. I have hair to do on Monday, so I'm hoping to gain a little extra cash from that as well. You might say I'm a little money obsessive, hah, and I wont exactly DISAGREE with you, but, it's just money is so important these days, and it's not almost impossible to live without it, it is impossible! So I'd say yes, money is one of the top priorities on my list, and thanks to this place I've got a bill partially paid, feeling very good mood at the moment!^_^

#money-is-here! #finally #cash #bills #paid #happy #exited

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