Not everyone can say that they were the voice of an orangutan but my grandpa can. Yep, it''s true my grandpa really did sing for an Orangutan. His name was Clyde and he was Clint Eastwood's buddy in the popular 80's film "Every Which Way But Loose". My grandpa is an entertainer and songwriter and he was one of the writers given the job of creating songs for the "Every Which Way But Loose" soundtrack. One of the songs he was asked to write was for Clyde. He came up with a little ditty called Monkey See, Monkey Do which played while Clyde showed off in a section of the movie.

My grandpa hated the song and thought it was silly but Clint really got a kick out of it so when he made the sequel to "Every Which Way But Loose" which was called "Any Which Way You Can" he once again called on my grandfather to write and sing a song for Clyde. This time my grandpa came up with a funny little tune called "The Orangutan Hall of Fame", and it too was given a featured spot in the movie.

If your curious as to just what type of song someone writes for an orangutan you can check both of my grandpa's songs out on YouTube.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Orangutan Hall Of Fame

Photo Credit: Kabir MorgueFile

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