The following was written by my 11-year-old daughter today as a history/writing assignment. As I read it, I realized I could be reading about some of my dearest friends, and even a few of you here on Bubblews. A heartfelt "thank you" to those of you who continue to tirelessly rake the muck and challenge us to think harder, more clearly, and more often.


Muckrakers were people who wrote about the horrible things people did. They went to butcher shops and saw that rats, mice, and germs were all over the place. When they saw this, they went home, wrote about it, then sold their articles. That's how muckrakers made their living. They found out about public stores, and the government's bad muck (or dirty secrets), then raked it all up and write about it. Muckrakers were the ones who really cared about making America a better place to live.

Who's your favorite muckraker?

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