When I first register at Bubblews, earnings it not my focus but investigating if Bubblews is really paying site. So all I did is post and share and I saw that I earned dollars from it. From each likes, comments and received of the article.

I saw the payment proof at symbianize and he is my upline. And it inspires me to get $25 dollars to redeem the money. All I did is recruit even if I have no payment proof yet. From the post I posted at Istorya, I received views which added to my past balance.

Since I have my fan page with 4k fans, 2k fans and 1+ fans. I need to make an article that they will click. After experimenting, bravo! I got thousands of views that make my balance to 25$.

I'm ready to redeem since 25$ is the minimum so that you can request. Fortunately, I got the confirmation email from Bubblews and Paypal that I have a pending e-cheque from Bubblews after 24 hours from the time I request to redeem.

On the email, I must have a cleared status from Bubblews in between February 13-15, 2013. I'm so excited because it only take 3-5 days.. Wew!

On February 13, 2013 an hour before February 14, 2013, I received an email from Paypal that the status of e-cheque from Bubblews is already cleared. I was happy so much since I need the money :)

Here's the payment proof :) Hope it inspires to all newbies of #bubblews http://i.imgur.com/VZkX3lH.png

I'm looking forward for my future payments from #Bubblews :)

#payment at #Bubblews