Who is Santa Claus? How did Santa Become Santa? Wonder no more! Your questions will be answered in Santa Claus The Movie. This is another movie that I never miss watching around Christmastime.

The movie begins in the 14th Century with Santa and Mrs. Claus (David Huddleston & Judy Cornwell) out and about on Christmas Eve (along with with their reindeer companions, Donner & Blitzen,) Delivering the hottest wooden toys of the day to the children. They get trapped in a blizzard. Get rescued by some elves and then Santa buys their story that he is "The Chosen One" meant to live forever only serving to make and deliver toys to every boy & girl on the the planet Earth.

We are then treated to a montage of Christmases as Santa perfects his craft, leading up to the present day, or… 1985, as that is when the film was released. after an incident where his toy making invention malfunctions, Patch (a very subtle Dudley Moore) sets out to find work as an independent contractor, He finds himself in the employ of B.Z ( one of John Lithgow's best performances, very underrated work here.. I'm talking Oscar Worthy!!), the head of a toy company under investigation for their line of bears stuffed with glass (a funny courtroom scene!). Soon enough, A plan is hatched to use the elves magic potions to mass produces lollipops that enable one to fly.

Along the way, we are introduced to 2 kids: Joe, the streetwise orphan (Christian Fitzpatrick, Where is he now?), & Poor Little Rich Girl, Cornelia (Carrie Kei Heim, who would also appear in Parent Trap 2 & ABC's Weekend Special 'Pippi Longstocking") Who become entagled in B.Z.'s plot to ruin Santa. We get treated to a great product placement for Mcdonald's. Does anyone else remember or still have those Happy Meal Boxes and the storybooks that we're given away?

Producers The Salkinds (Alexander & Ilya) Teamed up again with Pierre Spengler, after their successful Superman 1 & 2 with Christopher Reeve, hoping to replicate the success of those films with a new trilogy of St Nick films but this one was not as popular at the box office. It was only after years of TV airings that it was able to reach an audience. It is a shame that more people didn't see this in theaters as director Jeannot Szwarc crafted a film with everything you need in a Christmas movie. Magic, fun, comedy, action, adventure & Santa Claus! And Dig those great reindeer created by Derek Meddings, Roy Fields and David Lane. This would look great to see again on the big screen but for now, I am happy with my DVD of it.

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