When I saw Bratz, I was like hooked to it. I like the dolls because first, (1) they are dolls. They don't try to make dolls look very much like people. Its a bit creepy, but I prefer dolls that look like dolls. (2) They can stand alone. Yes! No need for stands, just clip on the shoes and wallah ! they would stand alone. (3) They really look very interesting, especially the Bratz Boyz. But my question is Why do people collect stuff? I mean, I collect dolls because I like them. But I only collect Bratz Dolls and not Barbie Dolls because well you know the reason already. And yet, have you hear the news of A man in Singapore has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars collecting Barbie dolls. Jian Yang shares his tiny town house with 9,000 of them and has even decorated his living room in Barbie's signature colour bright pink. Wow – he’s a man and he collects Barbie Dolls. Anyway, back to our question. People collect stuff because most people collect and display something in their lives. it might be a collection of family snaps stuck into and album, or holiday souvenirs arranged on a mantelpiece, assembled and displayed without any thought of being a 'collector'. Other people form collections for a specific purpose: Old Masters for investment, or memories 'collected' on tape to preserve a changing way of life, for example. here is no limit to what has been, or might be collected. Some collections comprise everyday items that are easily available, such as football programmes or badges. Others are determined by a particular feature for example, military items, miniature toys, timber-framed buildings or artefacts from a particular locality. Some collections are of a more general nature. Many provincial museums have historical and environmental displays that are of both local and national interest. Different things are amassed in different ways. Some collectors buy things at auctions, antique shops, junk shops or even car boot sales. Others join clubs and swap items. Archaeologists dig things up and some of them are displayed in museums. Some items cannot be collected in the normal way. Church brasses are 'collected' by taking an impression of the surface with a rubbing; memories, stories or accents have to be 'collected' on tape; changes to buildings or the landscape are 'collected' on film. No wonder every person has his or her own story to tell and his or her own collection to brag about. So Happy Collecting