you have heard it right, Tahni account was deleted, today I decided to create an account with the same info, and guess what? I made a new account, thus the conclusion of the deletion of my account. I cant believe I lost all my posts and connections. I had read the other day about a bubbler that had her account deleted, I should have taken the hint and backed up all my posts. I had 7$ in my account, but that doesn't matter, what matters is that I have lost my connections, I had a good thing going and now I have to start from scratch. I will be asking for answers, how can a user account simply be deleted? I didn't break any rules, in fact I had recently received a payment, so nothing indicated that I was doing something wrong. from now on I will back up all of my posts, I cant believe I lost everything, I feel so cheated, I can only hope to find my favorite connections once again, and that they can find me also. This is only making me want to work even harder, and post more and be more active. I will get back what I had here on Bubblews, and I really hope that all the technical difficulties get solved soon, I love Bubblews so I am not going anywhere. This is an amazing community and i hope we get through all the growing pains.