Akbar was the greatest of all mughal kings. He ruled for about 50 years, his reign was full of commitment and depicted zeal in his way of ruling. Jalaluddin Mohammed popularly called Akbar The Great came to the Mughal throne at the age of 13 and was guided and supported by Bairam Khan, who was his mentor, The only son of erstwhile mughal King Humayun, Akbar was very intelligent since his childhood. But one would be amazed to know that he never learnt to read and write and thus had a large gathering of intellectuals who would help him in his work. During Akbar's reign, he maintained cordial relations with the non mughal kings and the mughal empire was at its peak. Akbar had a son named Jahangir who would later succeed him and carry forward the legacy of mughals. He started a new religion called Deen-E-Ilahi. He used to organise meetings with the religious heads of all religions, and would discuss in depth about every religion. Tansen was a famous intellectual in his court who was a musician. Birbal was another intellectual in his court. Akbar married Jodha bai a non mughal princess to maintain cordial relations with the Rajputs, During his reign the people used to live in harmony and peace. He is remembered as one of the best rulers to have come on planet earth and is a figure that is admired by generations and will stay alive for generations to come.