I had a movie date today with my best friend and her three-year-old son. We let her son chose what to watch, and of course he will choose a cartoon film. LOL. However, me and my friend loves watching animated movies too. So we decided to watch "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" in 3D. We were actually surprised that it's on 3D. Because we did not notice the 3D sign when we were buying tickets.

We did enjoy the movie, it's more exciting because it is in 3D. And the kiddo was really amazed by the 3D effects. Even us adult, actually. Haha!

The story goes around a genius dog, Mr. Peabody, who adopted a human boy, Sherman. Mr. Peabody invented a time machine which travel back t the past. And whenever he travels to the past, he brings Sherman with him. That's why Sherman is good in History.

Then it came the day that Sherman have to go to school. Because he is so good in History, a girl classmate of him envies him. And this girl teased him because his father is a dog. The girl keeps saying that Sherman is also a dog, and this girl keeps on bullying Sherman. That lead to Sherman biting the girl.

This biting gave a problem to Mr. Peabody, because the Discipline Officer wants to observe them if Mr. Peabody is raising Sherman the right way. And if not, they will take Sherman away from Mr. Peabody. In order to reconcile with the parents of the girl bitten, Mr. Peabody invited them for dinner. And Sherman stayed with the girl in his room.

Accidentally, Sherman shown the time machine to the girl. And the girl used the time machine to travel back in the past. Then, the problem got worse.

The story goes on with them travelling to the past. It was an adventure. And it came to the point that the Discipline Officer had found some reasons to take away Sherman.

But in the end, Sherman was not taken away from Mr. Peabody. Sherman was finally not ashamed of having a dog father. In the end, Sherman said that he is a dog, too. If being a dog means that you support someone until the end and picking someone up whenever he's down, and always being there for that someone.

This is a good movie for the children. This reminds me how a dog can be someone in a man's life. I find this movie great for children to learn good things. And for grown-ups to learn to love unconditionally.

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