White House Down is a 2013 american action film starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, the story is about an attack inside the White House, Directed by Roland Emmerich, it was released June 28, 2013 and has 137 minutes running time and rated PG, for all audiences but parental guidance.

When I first heard of this movie I thought its just the same as the Olympus Has Fallen movie starring Gerard Butler, with the same story, white house under attack by terrorist or what and the president held hostage, and nuclear bombing some places in the war zone causing “war” lol turned out I was right, but not totally, I think spilling some beans will be alright since this movie is out for more than a week now, though I watched it on the 2nd week, I was just not in the mood to write a movie review. So I was right about the nuke targeting various countries that will cause war but I was wrong about the president being held hostage lol this movie is still a lot different with the Olympus Has Fallen, because first Channing Tatum is a lot hotter than Gerard Butler, lol ok seriously, White House Down is less violent than Olympus, Olympus is much violent, I mean the gun shots are unpleasant and theres nastyness everywhere, shooting point blank range in the head execution style and it is a much serious movie(wait am I writing a movie review for White House Down or The Olympus Has Fallen? lol)

Ok! much more seriousness! White House Down has funny Humors, and it shows that the President is just the same normal human being, who can interact with normal people, White House Down has too much crap, and one of those is when one hostage uploaded a video on youtube revealing the characters of the attackers, the media mentioned the name of the hostage and even showed a picture on the local TV news. well in reality if you do that, it means putting the hostage in danger for exposing her identity. The film writer didn’t even thought of that? well in the movie they revealed the hostage’s identity as the girl who bravely uploaded a record video of the attackers, so of course the white house has a lot of tv everywhere, the attackers saw it, knew that they’ve been exposed and knew who did it among the hostages. even though the girl uploaded it on youtube there was no way the attacker will find it out unless they turn on their smartphones or laptop which a little ridiculous, if I was a the terrorist in action I wont find the time to watch a youtube, ill be very busy lol, so yeah at the times like these the media on this movie sucks, so its wayyyy too unrealistic!

but if we are going to talking about the hotness of Channing Tatum then this movie is two thumbs up, and the actions scenes will receive only one thumb up from me. It did good alright, but it wasn’t that great. its been more than two weeks since the opening, this movie has $150m budget, but only made around $83m. the Olympus Has Fallen was released March 23, 2013 only spent $70m and made $161m

oh wow, what do you know, I made two movie reviews in one post :D