When was the last time you want to the local movie theater to be horrified by a scary flick? There was a movie I saw by myself, in a strange theater with a long dark hallway, it was called Squirm which released the summer of 1976.

I had left for Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos for summer classes. This was my first night there and wanted to relax. Squirm, by standards of that time, was a scary movie about "worms". I remember, when we left upon finishing the movie, many of us walked with trepidation through the dark hallway, looking for worms around us. What a relief to reach the outer light of daytime. It was a matinee.

Movie makers cater to find what scares its viewers. Sometimes, they do an exceptional job. This memory made me question what my fears may be. I know that needles, heights, water, bridges are the major fears I have. More introspection is necessary.

Are there fears that stand out for you? Maybe you have a rather strange fear?

photo credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources via photopin cc

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