Four sisters and a wedding is a romantic comedy/slice of life local film here in the Philippines Starring Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao and Enchong Dee. Distributed by Star Cinema and Directed by Cathy Molina-Reyes, running time is about 2hours, and rated PG.

The story is about four sisters who wished for a baby brother, and wish granted, even when they grew up they still treat their baby brother as a baby. Teddy(Toni Gonzaga) who is working in Madrid, Bobbie(Bea Alonzo) in Newyork, who both came home to attend the wedding, Alex(Angel Locsin) as the Blacksheep who stole Bobbie's BF, and Gabbie(Shaina Magdayao) an old maid who got left in the house to take care of their mother and younger sister, shes school teacher, and Cj(Enchong Dee) the baby brother who is getting married, and her four older sisters are scheming a plan to stop it. And oh! The bride, whos kept a secret when theyre showing the trailer on the TV is Angeline Quinto! Grrr!! This movie is perfect, but that singer trying hard actress is ruining it lol by trying to stop their baby brother's wedding, they also have issues within themselves they that they have to fix.

My thoughts about this movie was i can relate BIG TIME! It is true that the first and the last kids are the mothers favorite! LoL and the middle child is left unnoticed... I'm the third daughter in our family, and yes i wasn't noticed until i did some bold decisions when i was 18 and became a breadwinner, i wasnt noticed so because of that i almost didn't finish high school, my dad thought that because my 2nd older sister graduated high school in 2000, not realizing that theres a 1yr gap between me and my 2nd older sister. he thought that I'm finished by 2001, my sister just insisted to enroll me by 2002 with her help and out of the money i made by working when i was only 16! and graduated in 2003. So yeah I'm hardened by my past experiences and yes i really can see myself on the character of Bobbie here... But mostly I see myself on Alex and Gabbie too! Sighhh,, i hate watching movies where i can see myself in it! So yeah when i got out of the theater i had swollen eyes from crying O.O and mind you i don't cry that easily!

So seriously? my thoughts about this movie... they say that this is a comedy movie? Yes! A hell of alot laughing trip, but bring a handkerchief or tissue with you when you watch this.

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