Motif Batik Cloth Batik Nusantara archipelago And Shades - Indonesia has been recognized as the world of batik. Some batik-producing areas such as Solo, Yogyakarta Pekalongan and must have been known by many in the wider community. Talking about the beauty of batik cloth archipelago would be separated from the motif batik motifs adorn themselves. If in the previous post you may have read about Indonesia Batik motif also vary from batik-producing areas, as already mentioned above in such Pekalongan batik, Batik Solo and Yogyakarta batik motifs, here is another motif diverse archipelago come from other areas in Indonesia. For example, you can see the motif archipelago of some areas as shown in the picture below archipelago motif.

Motif Batik Pattern Pictures of Bali batik, batik Madura and examples above are just a small part dati existing motif archipelago. There are a lot of Indonesian batik motif, as you can see in Pekalonganyang Batik style and color is very fascinating, as well as Batik Yogyakarta which of course is also very beautiful and gorgeous. And each motif derived from each region usually also contains the meaning and philosophy which was very full of meaning. Development of Batik in Indonesia is growing rapidly, from the types and kinds of kinds of batik cloth, especially relating to fashion such a Muslimah Muslim Batik desainya also trendy and fashionable, then Batik Women To Work by Modern Batik Model Gallery increasingly alluring and adjusted with the development trend of today's outfit.