Children usually get really excited when something comes in the mail for them with their name on it. I know that my 2 year old gets excited when her Lego Jr magazine comes in the mail. I try to find free coloring books from time to time to be sent in the mail to her. She is really into coloring right now so it's a big excitement when I get the mail and there is something in there for her!

Here's a previous post I wrote about free coloring books in the mail.

Here are some new coloring/activity books I found that I ordered today for my daughter. Here are the links if you're interested in any of them.

**Free happy Earth Day coloring book

** Free You can be a nurse coloring book

Oakhurst Acorn Fan Club - membership card, stickers, straw, bumper sticker, growth chart (might not be available to all states)

**Free don't trash it activity book by EPA (Search by the title to pull up the document to order)

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