Internet can be a source of some truly odd things. One peculiar condition that came to life because of it is called cyberchondria.

It sure is a weird name, isn’t it? It’s when we, say, read a Wikipedia page on some illness and when we read its symptoms we suddenly feel uneasy. We realize that we experience or experienced some of them. Whoops! Does it mean that we’re sick?

Nah, that’s (most likely) not it. It’s just cyberchondria. It’s a portmanteau of the words “cyber” and “hypochondria”. It’s just a kind of hypochondria, actually. We read about an illness online and we feel as if we’re sick. People are very prone to that, but if we realize that, we will know that we’re most likely not sick.

When in doubt – go to the doctor, don’t self-diagnoze! You’ll just get anxious.

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