Well when my mother went to visit her best friend for her birthday at her house, her friend cooked this seafood lasagna that she got at Sam's Club, now my mother said she couldn't remember the brand name of it, but I googled Sam's Club and seafood lasagna and it says that it's Monterey, so I hope that I'm not steering anyone wrong on the brand name. I shouldn't be.

I have never had seafood lasagna before and I didn't even know that they had it available, I wish I had known though, not that we have a Sam's Card anymore unfortunately. My mother's friend sent some of it home with her, so I got to have a few bites and there is still lots left because I am savoring it, it tastes pretty darn good, I'm not sure of everything that is in it, but I do know that there is shrimp, because one was laying outside of the dish, but whatever is in here is kind of amazing, but if you do have some sort of specific fish allergy, (I'm not sure if a person has a shellfish allergy if that means, all shelled fish, and fish in general, I'm just not as educated on that as I'd like to be, I'd google it, but I'm pretty tired right now) don't get it, I definitely don't want someone to have to break out the epipen because of me. So buy with caution :)

Not sure on the price, the sam's club description just says to go to your store and check out the pricing.

Photo by: Me, Erin Nicole Cochran (CallieWVU2)