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Money has the ability to bring out the best and the worst in a person.

It does not mean that money corrupts.

It just means that all the good and bad qualities are in a person, but these are hidden from plain sight.

That is why one of the best places to see disgusting behavior is in the casino.

You can see a person bloated with pride just because he won a few hundred dollars.

You can see a newly-wed couple broke off just because one of them lost money on the table.

When the young bride lost $20 on the table game, she would blame her husband, and not talked to him anymore.

Money is so powerful that it can magnify our strengths and weaknesses for the whole world to see.

When we see a meek person turns into a demon just because she inherits a fortune, our heart literally breaks.

Many poor people are filial to their parents when they do not have much money.

When they get rich, and can live in a big mansion, drive big car, and have private plane, they divorce their wives, and send their parents to the homes for the aged.

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