You are now reading Mona Singh MMS Scandal , which created a sensation all over India on march 28. Mona singh is a popular TV actor in India and it is a very disappointing matter for her to know about her nude mms scandal . While she was working for Sony tv's 'Kya Hua Tera Vaada' daily program, she came to know about it. Then she filed a case at the near police station, and to the cyber police too. Her response towards this issue is just a ' I am not that girl in the video ' , and it may takes more time for her to prove it. I know it's a insult for such a popular women to know about her fake nude videos, but in India it is a common thing now a days. So far I heard about such things many times before, but no one had filed any FRI. Now Mona singh mms scandal became a hot topic in Indian media. I hope she can prove it and get the correct justice for it. Many girls are not coming into the media but they already faced these problems, which should be taken strictly by Indian government. Otherwise, our country will become a worst place as Pakistan. This ' Mona singh mms scandal ' is written by tarun.