It's been a fairly busy day and between lessons, bubblews, working on posts in progress, kmails from teachers that needed response and emails from other sites I work with I looked at the time and it was 1:45 -- way to early to put the ham in the oven. Next time I glanced down at that little clock icon and it was almost 5:00!

So right now my daughter is starting to smell the ham cooking and about to "die" (her words, lol) because she "needs" some now! LOL. I made them a large snack earlier to tide them over until the ham finishes cooking but every so often my husband and daughter get a good whiff of it and start asking how much longer again! It has about another hour left to cook and here in a minute I'm going to go start the potatoes and decide what other vegetables to make with it

I have a good track record as I always have dinner on the table by 6:00 sharp but I guess on busy days I'm going to have to start setting a timer, lol. Or my two big eaters are going to start an all out revolt!

This will also be my last post of the night as it brings me up to 10 but, I'll be hanging around on here like usual, visiting and seeing what all of you are up to. After everyone is fed, anyway!


picture created by me in paint