Back in 2010, I bump in to a video in Youtube that gives me a chill from inside out which completely change the way I perceive things. This is about a Filipino nanny working in Canada her name is Emma De Guzman, at first I really dont want anything to do with religion, but something inside me made me click the video and watch it for over an hour.

Well let me first give you a brief background about this modern day seer, Emma was born on December 08, 1949, well if you are a devouted Catholic you surely knows what December 08 is, it's the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Mother of God. Emma was widow at the age of 26 with three children: Maria Novena, Romulo and Marvin. She lost her husband when her oldest child was 5 years old. From then, she works her heart out to make a living for her 3 children and started finding work abroad as a Filipino domestic helper (OFW) in Singapore.

Her mystical experience started when she went to a church in Youngstown, New York, with her friend Sol Gabriola, and claim to see Jesus in a small closed chapel of Our Lady of Fatima. She even became popular there that a New York TV crew actually made a documentary about her and did a series of test to prove the authenticity of "Escarchas" or gold dust that appears around her whenever she talks to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What is amazing about her is how she described how the Mother of God, Mary, thought her how to pray the rosary that completely moved me and almost made me cry. What was more convincing is how she were able to write ancient Greek while in a trance, and she claim that Saint John was actually the one writing it. And when the writing was presented to a Greek person, it talks about John chapter 4:1 which pertains to a warning not to quickly believe any spirit or seer which claims to be from God but rather seek true discernment through prayer.

According to Emma, the Blessed Virgin Mary as "The Mother of Love, Peace and Joy" has chosen to appear to her annually on two specific dates, the Nativity of Mary (September 8) and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8) which also coincides with her birthday. Emma was ask to find the Mountain of Salvation in the Philippines, which are actually three, the first one she found back in 2004 is located in Mt Batulao, Batangas; second is in Cebu and the third is in Bukidnon. I personally have been a pilgrime to the Mountain of Salvation in Mt. Batulao, and it is so worth it. No scientist will be able to comprehend all the miracles that I personally witness and will continue to witness for this will be my devotion for the Love of GOD through the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are also numerous testimonies of people being healed by her.

If you guys want to check her out, here is the link for her video, I'll be posting more blogs about Emma and The Blessed Mother soon.