2013 MLB standings news has the LA Dodgers one step closer to clinching the NL West. In the updated 2013 MLB standings, the Dodgers are now 11 1/2 games ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks. That puts the Dodgers at a 99.9% chance of qualifying for the postseason and in an almost insurmountable position when it comes to winning the division.

With only 26 games left this season, the Dodgers would have to go 12-14 while the D-Backs went 26-0 in order to give up that lead. It's just not going to happen and with the current four-game winning streak that the Dodgers are on, the team could soon be playing for the best record in the National League.

Heading into the games on Monday (September 2), the Atlanta Braves are just two games ahead of the Dodgers for that top spot. As one of the hottest teams in baseball, the Dodgers might stand a really good shot at making up that small deficit. Factor in the struggles with injuries that the Braves are dealing with and it might be even easier.

Other than a three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds coming up in September, the rest of the games for the Dodgers this season come against other teams in the NL West. That might make it very easy for the team to move up in the 2013 MLB standings and clinch a division title before anyone else.

Are the LA Dodgers good enough to win the World Series this year and next?

Reference: http://espn.go.com/mlb/standings

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons User Dirk Hansen

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