Us for today we people are now made for great new technology but when the time came Aliens created on out world, many people began to fear some of it and some idolize it from the movies. Sci-Fi movies today is too realistic. But what if it exist already? Some also said that the Man in Black is real and they called them the secret majestic 12 from the government organization.

A couple of weeks ago Malaysian airlines began to disappear on the tracker of the airport. Once known many nations began to have a search and rescue if there is a terrorist attack. For me I have said since this existing movies they give us a lot of knowledge. Many pilots also disappeared with unknown reason and finding of any airplane parts.

Maybe the Malaysian airplane was abducted by aliens and it resulted for the lost of the tracking and the visibility of the airplane. If the airplane would not be found for 1 or 2 years. This will become the Latest from the worlds unknown disappearance.

What are your thoughts? what happened to the Malaysian express or plane?.