Some things are really sad. Some things are baffling and can cause people to start thinking over and over again. Such a disturbing event is the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Plane (flight MH370). The disappearance has continued to be a mystery as it is being reported that phones for those who were aboard this flight are ringing. The search is still continuing in a number of countries where nothing so far has been spotted.

I suggest the search team should go back to the drawing board (if they have not done so) and reevaluate all the information they have gotten so far. They should also get the best and highly trained teams for search and rescue we have in the world. They should also be ready to think outside the box or if not so within a large box. Let them at the moment think of the unthinkable even an alien plane hijacking event.

Meanwhile prayers too work, let us all remember the distraught family members who at the moment are going through a hard time. Let us also pray for this plane to be ‘seen’ fast to end the agony and confusion that is ongoing.

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