I have just been reading about a three year old boy who has gone missing in Edinburgh. Apparently he went to bed around 9 o'clock and wasn't in the house in the morning. The report doesn't say if the Mother checked on him before she went to bed. I know I checked my small children more than once during the evening and especially just before I went to bed. I would give them a little kiss before I got into bed.

You would think a three year-old would make quite a lot of noise leaving a house wouldn't you? The report doesn't say anything about a break-in so I assume he went out of the house alone. They have given a description of the clothes he is 'possibly' wearing over his pyjamas.

I would be out of my mind if this had ever happened to me as a Mother. I know three year-olds are capable of doing things like this and he must have been able to unlock a door, assuming the family always lock up at night.

A similar thing happened to my husband's three year-old daughter in his first marriage. He and his wife were both working and when Mum wasn't looking after the kids, my husband was. Unfortunately he'd been on a night shift and his wife was working from 8 am until midday so he was left looking after the children until she got home and then he could go to bed. He fell asleep for twenty minutes whilst his daughter was playing in the same room. She managed to get out of the house without him hearing. On waking he was beside himself and immediately raced up the road. She had got into the next road but thank goodness she was safe. Imagine if she had tried to cross the road! It doesn't bear thinking about, and that's how easy it could have happened. They got a sitter in to look after the children after this happened when he had been on night shift.

I do hope this little boy turns up quickly and unharmed. Goodness knows where he is and it's heartbreaking.

#Missing-child #Lost-child