Mineplex is coming in a very close second to spacebug smp as my favourite server, spacebug is fun in the long run but when you want to play a quick game or pass the time and have nothing planned to do on spacebug mineplex is the best place to go. Mineplex is a server full or minigames you can play on your own or with a friend that can pass the time in a fun way (spacebug smp does have chess though if you like that kinda thing)

The thing that makes mineplex different from any other mini game server is the amount of original and fun to play games, examples of this are The Bridges and Super Smash Mobs.

The Bridges – This game is a mixture between survival games and normal minecraft, you are put onto teams of about 10 people and have to survive on your island with your team, you have 10 minutes to mine and get food but once that time is up the bridges are down and other teams can come and kill you by walking across the bridges made up of ice or obsidian. You might think that this game sounds easier but the build up of tension as you mine against the clock so you can get the best kit before people come and kill you makes this game unlike any other I have played, also you die if you go in water, pretty much the same way as with lava.

Super Smash Mobs – This is possibly my favourite game on mineplex, you get to become a mob of your choice out of a line-up of evil and not so evil mobs. You start off with three lives and the chosen characters powers and have to kill 3 others who could be all the same mob as you, or all very different. BLAZE FOR THE WIN!

Hunger Games (BETA) – Hunger games is a new addition to the mineplex game collection. The mineplex version still has the same basic rules but has a couple of things different about it. Firstly, when you start the game you have a speed boost and 15 hearts for 30 seconds so you can run off and survive long drops. Secondly, The Freeze. The freeze starts at the beginning of the game coming in from all four sides of the map, it is basically a constant moving snow area the closes in on the map and if you’re unlucky enough to get caught in it then it will kill you with super deadly snow balls. By the end of the game the freeze will have covered most land just leaving the starting zone.

If you like the sound of all mineplex’s fun games the go check out the server on either us.mineplex.com or eu.mineplex.com Thanks For Reading :D