As any one ever watched the TV series"Meet the Browns", a Tyler Perry series? It is not on prime time anymore, but it is on reruns. Around here it is on the TBS station, which we get on cable and satellite It is a great show. It is so funny. If you ever watched any Tyler Perry movies, you know how funny they are. Tyler Perry plays the part of Madea.

In this show the character are Mr. Brown, his daughter Cora, his nephew Will, Will's wife Sasha, Will and Sasha adopted kids Brianna and Joaquin, the Colonel and Edna ( who both lived with the family for awhile then fell in love and got married and moved down the street) a friend and co-worker Renee, a frat student that lives next door, Derek.

It is about Mr. Brown had a one night stand with Madea and they had Cora. Mr. Brown and Cora live in this house and he needed extra money so he opened his house a old folks home. That is how the Colonel and Edna came to live with them. Then Will and Sasha came to live with them because they didn't have much money, even though they are a doctor and a nurse. They tried to have kids and couldn't so they fostered the two kids then adopted them.

Mr. Brown and Cora are also in a few of the Tyler Perry Madea Movies.

Mr. Brown is one who wears old 70's polyester pants and shirts. His outfits are hilarious.

The show is so funny, if you can catch as it being ran on reruns watch or even buy its seasons on dvd. I think you will love it and will be worth your time to watch.

An interesting bit of information is the characters Mr. Brown and Cora are really husband and wife in real life.