Although the toothpaste in one form, known since ancient times, the formula that we have today is known only from the First World War. Since the company began producing toothpaste, buyers have not stopped buying a product that guaranteed gives shine teeth. All very quickly wished you a dazzling smile with white teeth and toothpaste quickly became a product without which it is impossible to live with.

Do you know the meaning of the squares on the back of the tube of cream, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.? Have you ever noticed that there is a tube on each label. They are black, dark brown, dark blue, dark green color (usually dark). So what does that really mean?

Dark squares indicate that the product is used exclusively by chemical substances! Red square indicates that the product is made of about 70% chemical and 30% of natural ingredients. Green indicates that the product is free of chemicals and is made using only natural ingredients!