Hey guys! On May 13, 2013, it's Election Day here in the Philippines. And as we all know, this day always fall on Monday. Many of the working people would prefer to work rather than to practice their right of voting. I guess, they have their own reasons for that. But still, as a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN, we should do practice voting. And also, we should NEVER accommodate those candidates who love buying people’s vote! (What a shame!)

"The President wishes to enable the Filipino people to exercise their right to suffrage," Palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said.

"We enjoin all eligible to use this non-working holiday to participate in the electoral process that forms the bedrock of our democracy," he added.

President Benigno Aquino III signed Proclamation No. 571, s. 2013, which declares May 13 a special public holiday.

So, many of our fellowmen would be just staying home. Nevertheless, this day was made Special Public Holiday for us to go to our respective precinct and vote! I believe this would be hard for people who work in a private company and those who really prioritize work. (Especially, if that day is paid 30%!) However, if you can manage your time, please do go to your precinct and vote! MAKE IT COUNT!!!

Source: yahoo news