I was thinking of writing about this after I started to like Rob and Remy Maaddi on "Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas" but I never got around to it. But they are replaying it every week starting tonight and airing a "Where are they now?" show next month. So I got inspired.

Seth and Kirsten - I can't really say much about these two because I just didn't take much of an interest in them. No offense meant. I'm sure they have a lot of fans. I felt like she came in wanting everything with their marriage to look better than the rest of them and it just didn't work. I'll leave it at that. I wish them the best.

Chris and Melissa - At first I couldn't stand Melissa. I thought all she did was bark. In her own twisted way, I feel like it helped Chris regain his manhood once he'd had enough and I think Melissa just wanted him to step up to that role. Do I think she went about it wrong? Yes. But I do hope they worked things out since the last episode when they decided to stay together and work on the relationship.

Byron and Porsha - Oh boy. Let's just get this out there. Byron is shady and a cheater (by his own admission on the show). I feel bad for Porsha in some ways. She has to be desperate and insecure to stay with someone like him. But she lets all of this get out about their relationship and then mocks people for wishing her the best and hoping she opens her eyes. That just shows more insecurity on her part, in my opinion. I agree with the hosts, that there's a lot of pain inside of her.

Marlon and Danni - These two were, hands down, the cutest couple on the show, even from the beginning. They both seem like such likable people who genuinely wanted to work on their marriage and genuinely love each other. They flirted and were affectionate. They seemed the most REAL. These two were also the ones that heard me when I talked to the television. They'd always say what I was thinking and saying! I need to meet them in NYC one night, preferably when DJ Bigg Slim is DJing!

Rob and Remy - I put these two last because they are tied for being my favorite with Danni and Marlon. I could not stand Rob and Remi in the beginning. This is because they were superficial and only really showed what was on the surface. But as the weeks went on, I saw what all of that was overcompensating for. They were a couple who genuinely still loved each other but had trouble because they were both stubborn. They worked the program though and it was amazing to see them grow and for the real Rob and Remy to shine through. I am so happy for them now that they have their twin little (adorable) girls. I think it's even sweeter because on their episode of Bridezillas, she said she hated and didn't want kids. But they are great parents, so that just goes to show what was inside them both all along. I need to meet them too!

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