Trisha Sutter from the Bachelorette, JWoww from Jersey Shore, Traci Braxton from Braxton Family Values, Tanisha Thomas from The Bad Girls Club, and Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County have all come together to have a marriage counseling team get their relationships into shape on We Tv's Marriage Boot Camp.

Jim Carroll, the director, has revealed the couple's decisions to be on tv yet again and get in marriage counseling.

"Traci and Kevin have huge hurdles to overcome. They've made every mistake you can make, and infidelity would be poisonous to a marriage." Traci actually demanded that Kevin take a DNA Test on Braxton Family Values to prove he didn't have a child outside of their relationship.

Trista and Ryan are "not perfect and they would be the first to admit it". She actually confessed that they have a definite issue with communication.

Roger has problems dealing with his fiance JWoww's high maintenance personality. He said he wanted to get married to her BEFORE he proposed, but he didn't know "how that would fit with her hectic schedule".

The Bad Girls Club Tanisha and Clive have fidelity issues. "Tanisha and Clive struggled throughout the entire boot ramp both individually and as a couple. Marriage Boot Camp was their last ditch effort to see if there was any life left in the marriage."

Last but not least, Gretchen suffers from a commitment phobia that she feared would ruin her relationship with partner Slade Smiley. Her first marriage ended up in a divorce and her second husband passed away. "...So I kind of felt jinxed."

Source: In Touch Magazine